I remember getting ready to head to the hospital.  I was all nerves. Daddy went to work that day, and planned on coming home to pick me up.  We arrived late, which added to my anxiety.  They tried to induce me multiple ways, but you weren’t ready to meet the world yet.  They broke my water, you still weren’t ready 😉 After 57 hours, they realized they were going to have to go in there and get you.  The nurse got dad dressed up in scrubs and wheeled me into the OR.  The nurses asked what music we liked, and they put on klh for us.  Queen’s “We are the Champions” played followed by a few commercials.  You were born smack in the middle of a Menards commercial.  You cried twice to let us know you had arrived and then the doctors whisked you away to assess you.  Daddy left me, to go check on you.  He took a few pictures and came back to me.  I was scared and daddy didn’t want to alarm me with your condition, so he put on a brave face and held my hand while the doctors closed me up. 

I found out later, that you were having problems breathing and that the doctors were concerned about your rib cage and how that would possibly cause you issues down the road.